Notice: Repair consultations are available anytime we’re open. We will fix your bike for you, but our tools and workstations are closed to public use at this time.

Support THBC with you time and skills! We always have bikes to fix, parts to sort, tubes to patch, and tires to organize. Become a member and volunteer to get shop credit towards purchases of bikes and parts!

We have no shortage of bikes that need worked on!

How to become a member:

  1. Attend an orientation, the 1st or 3rd Monday of each month at 7pm
  2. Volunteer 10 hours a year – that’s it!

Gives (What THBC expects from you):

  • Safety first! Be familiar about our safety policies
  • 10+ volunteer hours per year of membership
  • Adhere to policies and guidelines in the Volunteer Handbook
  • Be clear about your task(s) – if unsure, ask a Coordinator

Gets (What you can expect from THBC):

  • Membership in a dynamic and vital community organization.
  • Access to Member Shops
  • Structured hands-on mechanical training
  • An initial shop and organizational orientation
  • Earn volunteer shop credit ($10/ hour)
  • Up to 75% off used parts with volunteer credit, including 1 bike/year
  • 20% off new parts

How to become a coordinator:

Be the shop you want to see! Coordinators are responsible for opening/closing the shop, managing volunteers, and running the register. Behind the scenes, Coordinators run social media, order inventory, write grants, and work with other community organizations. To become a coordinator, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Be a member and log 20+ total volunteer hours.
  2. Have a current Coordinator sponsor your candidacy. They will answer your questions and reach out to others to gauge their support.
  3. Attend a Coordinator meeting to introduce yourself, meet any unfamiliar Coordinators, and answer questions. Afterwards, get elected unanimously to be a trial Coordinator.
  4. Get access to administrative and communication channels and complete a trial month of shadowing other Coordinators.
  5. Be affirmed at the next meeting as a full Coordinator, or have your trial period extended as necessary.