Upcoming Work Parties

It may seem like ‘work’ and ‘party’ should not be used to describe each other, but we swear it’ll be fun and productive! These dates are already in the calendar but here’s a quick blurb for each.

April 3rd – Electrical Work Party: We need help replacing our old fluorescent bulbs and fixtures with efficient LED bulbs and shorter fixtures so we can get an electrician in here to do some rewiring. These new bulbs complement the solar panels on the roof in our master plan of net zero energy consumption.

April 17th – Spring Wrench-A-Thon: Set aside your worries for an afternoon and just fix bikes! If you’ve been in the shop recently, you may have noticed the front-of-shop racks are looking a little sparse due to the onset of cycling season. There are, however, plenty of bikes to be fixed in the back-of-shop and upstairs. If the satisfaction of fixing bikes is not incentive enough, know that refreshments will be provided.



Fresh New Site

Thanks for visiting our new website! We think it is much more hip and nice-looking, but also offers more functionality and ease-of-use. Please leave a comment if you think there’s anything we can improve.

Third Hand in the Winter

It’s cold outside but many of us are still riding, so THBC will continue to operate over the winter. Stop in and tune-up. Nothing is more challenging than a breakdown at night in the winter, so be sure to check your bicycle over thoroughly.